As we celebrate Christmas, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to any of you to state a few well-known facts.  First, Jesus was not born in December.  Christmas which really is short for Christ Mass was started by the Catholic church when they were trying to find a way to get all of Rome to accept Christianity.  The church had a mass on December 25 and they mingled it with a pagan Roman holiday that was celebrated because it was the shortest day of the year and so the god of the sun was now conquering the darkness (Solstice) and was a day of giving gifts and presents.  Many of the strange traditions like mistletoe came from the pagan traditions and were mingled in and given Christian meanings so everyone could celebrate together. 

So, the day that Christ was born will most likely forever be a secret.  It’s really unimportant, but what is important is why He came.  All over the world we all will celebrate this day in many different ways.  Some cultures don’t celebrate Christmas until January because they choose to keep it on the old calendar.  For many the day will mean opening gifts on Christmas eve, for others its done on the day.  Many will gather with families, others will spend it alone.  For some, Christmas is filled with many wonderful memories while for others, it reminds them of loved ones who have passed on, and therefore brings a sense of loneliness and sadness.  There are many ways and reasons to get stuck on how this day affects us and our little world.

Does Jesus See Something in You That You Don’t See

Hopefully we can take a moment to recognize that Jesus chose to come for you and for me.  He had a very good reason and a very real purpose.  If all religions were good and we could all find our way to God then his coming was a waste of His time and certainly His painful death unnecessary.  If He didn’t care one way or another about each one of us and what goes on in our daily lives then He certainly would not have come.  He came because you and I have great value to Him.

He came because He saw something in me and He saw something in you.  Maybe it’s something that even we don’t see.  Life has a way of clouding what’s really important.  Sometimes we get stuck in the trenches and lose sight of what is really important and what really matters most. Today as we step into the future, I hope you can recognize that there is something unique and special about each one of us.  Something worth coming to get, something worth dying for.  Jesus saw something in me that only He can reveal to me on His own.  I fill a place that no one else can fill.  I was created to share something with Him that no one else can share.  So do you!

Celebrate and Enjoy What He Brings

As we celebrate His miraculous coming let us also celebrate His miraculous love for each one of us and what He sees when He looks at each one of us.  Celebrate Jesus this Christmas!  Not all the things that are given, but the truth He brings to each one of us.  May you see what He sees in you and find the true gift of the season and enjoy the peace that only He brings.  Merry Christmas!