Thankful 2 Day began at the end of 2016 during a time of prayer.  Our family was adjusting to a life in a new city and the past year had seen quite a few changes.  From job transitions, family death and the loss of an adoption.  At the end of the year a new job in a new state brought about another change for the year and through it all we remained confident and encouraged God had us exactly where he wanted us.

During prayer, the Lord asked AuDera, is it possible for you to live every day in the year with a thankful heart.  Of course the answer was yes, but it also began the process of living life intentionally from a different perspective.  A Facebook page was created to celebrate each new day with an encouraging thankful word.  Soon others began to join the page and ultimately this web page was created to carry on this commitment to live a life of thankfulness each and every day.  Join us as we give thanks to God every day for the new day He gives to us!