Fruitful Wednesday,

I didn’t really understand how longsuffering could be connected with the fruit of the spirit.  Why would God want us to pull fruit from someone who was suffering I thought until my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

When she found out she had cancer she never let it define how she saw God or her purpose in life.  We were told she had a month or two months to live and I was unglued, angry and had many questions why her?

Through my mom’s longsuffering journey she continued to smile, encourage every person who came to see her.  People would stop by coming to encourage her but they walked away eating her fruit of longsuffering.

I asked my mom, what kept her smiling?  She said, knowing where I’m going!  I have now deposited into you and I know you will do as I did, love one another, be kind to people and never give up on anyone.  You have much still to give.  It’s now time for me to go home.  Six weeks later my mom walked into heaven fulfilling her assignment being a tree of healing!