Thankful Friday!

What an honor it has been to share thankful2day words of encouragement to all of you this past year. I have enjoyed this journey and it is so hard to end this chapter with you all.

I hope this past year each word has captured your heart to live a lifestyle of thankfulness. I really believe God when he says a movement will be birthed when hearts become more like His.

I have always looked forward to Friday’s because that was when I would sit, read, sing and then inspiration would take over! I enjoyed spending this special time with God. I am convinced if you desire something fresh with God look forward to hearing from Him.

I am thankful to the photographers who have shared their pictures. I spent hours and hours looking through photos searching for the right pictures to go along with the scriptures and encouraging words. I always desired something fresh and new to share. I’m glad I took my time, it was for God.

You are now a lighthouse filled with a heart of thanksgiving. Many will begin to gravitate towards you because you capture their hearts. Your tenderness, kindness, joy, hope, and heart of thanksgiving are needed in this season. Start and end your day with thanksgiving!

My husband and I will continue to write and share podcast encouraging words. Visit us at our page and continue the journey with us.

I love you!