I was awakened at 3:33 am this morning.   I woke up from my sleep and I was saying God said he is the creator and I said and I am made in your image.  God said he is a mountain, I said and there is no weakness in me to climb.  He said I am the light, I said your always light my path. He said I am with you, I said through every storm and trial. He said to take up my cross and I said where you lead I will follow.  You said every grain of sand is numbered and I said I’m so important to you.  You said a banner of love covers me. I said shame and darkness are now gone.

He said your anointed and I said to you I can do all things. You said you’re my father and I said now I have an identity.  You said I am your shepherd and I said you satisfy me.  You said you are the beginning and the end and I said my life never ends.  You said creation worships me and I said but they won’t out praise me.