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Step into the Darkness

Step into the Darkness

Good vs. Evil, light vs. darkness, angel vs. devil.  The contrast is always being thrown before us.  We now have more superhero movies and TV shows in a year than one could possibly imagine is possible.  Everyone recognizes there is a battle between light and...

Failure and Love

Failure and Love

This week, I’m continuing my series on overcoming fear for the new year.  Fear will often appear to be bold, maybe even brash or pushy.  But, the underlying motivation can be fear.  One of the biggest fears I had to overcome in my life was my fear of failing because...

Connecting Fear to Love

Connecting Fear to Love

I have had to overcome a lot of fear in my life more than I can possibly discuss in this short blog.  I remember when I was eleven, I was afraid of scary rides that went upside down.  You know like roller coasters and stuff.  My best friends were twins and we went to...

Worship Sunday Video of the Week

“When You Walk Into the Room” Bethel

“Show Me Your Face” Bethel Worship

“Here I Am Send Me” Darlene Zschech

G-Talk with Terance and AuDera

A weekly podcast by pastors and speakers

Terance and AuDera Clark covering marriage, relationships and variety of topics that people are challenged with each day.

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